participation in the Linux Presentation Day

The Linux user group (LUG) exampletown will participate in the Linux Presentation Day 2016.2. The event will be on October, 22nd 2016. Time, location, and agenda will be announced here later. John Q. Public is the contact person for this event (email: ...). Please contact us if you want to support the organizing of this event (e.g. as helper, sponsor or with the advertising).

about the Linux Presentation Day

The Linux Presentation Day is a Europe-wide event for people who do not know Linux and but would like to get a first insight into the open source operating system. Different versions of Linux are shown in typical everyday situations and can be tested. The aim of this free event is to help the visitors answer the question whether they want to use Linux in the future (as a replacement for or as a supplement for Windows).

Those who want to try Linux on their own computer after visiting the Linux Presentation Day can get free help at the meetings of the Linux user group exampletown.

about the hosting organization

The Linux user group exampletow usually meets twice per month. These meetings are for conversations about Linux, technical support practical problems, and lectures. Non-members are welcome (no need to sign up).

You can find more Information about our activities and offers on our web site: [LINK]