Linux Presentation Day

information for visitors

This is just a short explanation for visitors; for information about the Linux Presentation Day relevant to them visitors should read their national LPD web site, see the list.

The Linux Presentation Day (LPD) is a non-commercial, international event which offers the general public a look at Linux in everyday situations and the opportunity to test it and ask questions (free of charge). The LPD takes place in spring and autumn and is organised by different kinds of hosting organisations e.g. IT associations, institutions of education, and companies.

The LPD aims at people who don't know Linux but who want to know more about it. The LPD is not an event where people get help with installing Linux on their computer. The LPD shall help the visitors decide whether they want to test Linux on their own system (or have a closer look at it first in order to prepare this decision).

The target audience of the LPD are "quite normal" computer users, not especially experienced users or people who consider IT their hobby. No previous knowledge should be required to visit the LPD. Most of what is shown there is everyday stuff.

For respective hosting organisations (like Linux user groups and similar ones) it is a side effect of the LPD to bring the visitors in contact with an organisation where they can get support later when they want Linux installed on their computer or run into problems using Linux.

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